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Rosh Hashanah

On “The Shofar Blower” by Boris Schatz, the initial work of the founder of the “Bezalel” Acadamy of Art

Dalit Matityahu

The bronze relief of “The Shofar Blower” by Boris Schatz is an object with a “primordial” character, and it is precisely because of this that the entire world is poured into it. Dalit Matityahu, senior curator of Israeli art at the Tel Aviv Museum, on the work of the founder of the Bezalel School of Art – sculptor, painter and the initiating father of local art. 


Beit Avi Chai
David Rozenson – Director
Amichai Chasson – Artistic Director
Eyal Levit – Head of productions
Shir Sharoni – Producer
Avishai Huri – Producer

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Tania Coen-Uzzielli – Director
Doron Rabina – Chief Curator
Sophia Berry Lifschitz – Assistant Curator, Modern Art and 16th-19th and Century European Art
Dudi Peleg – Head of Corporate and Cultural Events
Tal Rozenberg – Events Producer

Videography and Editing- Shai Getzoff
Videography and Sound- Daniel Jankovic
Animation- Barel Toledano

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