Permanent and transient

Rabbanit Carmit feintuch

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Through the festival of Sukkot, we will take a look at life as a whole. This holiday requires us to leave the house, and this is an instruction that is not merely technical, but fundamental. The departure from the house to the sukkah is a departure from the habits and fixations that the house enables. It puts us in a less comfortable space, more exposed to the sky, to the weather, to other human encounters.

Where will we take this journey? What will we discover about ourselves in this space between permanent and transient?

In the lesson we will talk with some interesting personalities – the Talmudic sages of the Gemara, the teacher known as the “Sefat Emet” (“the language of truth”), Rabbi Kook, and Rivka Miriam. Each of them has pulled in a different direction and breathed life into our Sukkot. You are invited to join in too.


Carmit Feintuch is married to Tanni and has six children. She is a community rabbanit in Jerusalem, rabbanit in the Migdal Oz Beit Midrash for Women, and a psychotherapist, who loves to learn and teach Torah, loves people, and tries to bring all these loves together.


קרדיט: מישל רוטה

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