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Meir Shalev and Bilha Ben Eliyahu

play video צילום סטילס מאיר שלו: נדיה לנדאו

Bilha Ben Eliyahu talks with author Meir Shalev about love for the Bible, love in the Bible, and about the connection to the Bible in his wonderful novels “Four Meals” and “Two She-Bears”. Shalev talks of his connection to the Bible from his childhood in the home of his parents Yitzhak and Batya Shalev, and returns to the story of the encounter between Jacob and Rachel, between Rebecca and Isaac, to the Book of Ruth and to the stories of Elisha.


Bilha Ben-Eliyahu is a lecturer in literature at the Kerem Institute, David Yellin College, and Efrata College. 

Meir Shalev is an Israeli writer. He has written many novels and children’s books, and has a regular column in the Yediot Aharonot daily newspaper. 


צילום: נדיה לנדאו

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