Rosh Hashanah

Let the Conversation and its Blessings Begin

Shlomit Naim Naor

play video צילום סטילס שלומית נעים נאור: אלכסיי קודריק

Rosh Hashanah as a new opportunity for inter-generation connection


How is it possible to create a meaningful multi-generational conversation around Rosh Hashanah in the time of the coronavirus, when the physical presence of grandparents and grandchildren in the same space is considered dangerous? What do we lose in social distancing? How can we create a new dialogue? A lecture that leads to action, to a new conversation about Rosh Hashanah in a multi-generation context. 


Shlomit Naim Naor is an educator and poet. She has a master’s degree in creative writing, is a graduate of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership, and is a postgraduate student at Bezalel. Her first book, “No End in Sight”, won a number of awards. Her second book, “The Things We Don’t Talk About”, was published in Elul 5780 (2020). 

צילום: אלכסיי קודריק

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