Rosh Hashanah

Shuv LaMakom – Return to Your Place

Guy Biran

Meditation, insights, and preparations for the new year


Meditation is an ancient technique intended for achieving spiritual understanding and equanimity, beyond the wear and tear of everyday life, but without disconnecting from it. 


Since olden times the sages of different cultures have managed to keep their secrets, while also allowing knowledge to flow out and in. So, for example, we find parallels today between the secrets of Kabbalah and Jewish prophecy, and the wisdom of medication and ancient Indian philosophy.


It is just for this reason that a fine distinction is necessary, to avoid fashionable fusions and focus anew on inner intention. 


In this lecture, you are invited to a direct experience of ancient knowledge, with a local and contemporary flavor. 


The only chance for this experiment to succeed lies in your hands, dear audience. 

So sit comfortably, put your phones aside for a moment, listen with a new and open mind,

and may we all have a year of favorable surprise.


Guy Biran is a director, artistic manager, and teacher of theatre. A researcher, leading and promoting creative processes. A teacher of meditation and moderator of workshops and retreats. Recipient of the Minister of Education’s award for theatre in 2018. 

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